Willelaine Essential Oil - Calm


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When just a little time is needed to calm down, clear the mind and push the re-set button, this beautiful 'Calm' blend of essential oils from Willelaine is just the thing. Roll onto wrists, temples, back of neck and soles of feet, take a few deep breathes, and clear your mind.

Containing 100% natural essential oils (lavender and bergamot) blended in fractionated Coconut Oil

Add a softly scented candle, an all natural body scrub and some organic, vegan Loco Love chocolate to complete your health and wellness gift box - the perfect gift for a birthday, to say get well soon or as an end of week pick me up gift.

Notes: 10ml, made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients. As with all products used on skin, the suppliers recommend patch testing prior to use.

About Willelaine: Founded by Chloe Elaine, a creative optimist, who is dedicated to helping people feel calm, happy and gorgeous. Struggling with anxiety and migraines from an extremely young age, and without finding anything to relieve her anxiety & stress, Chloe set about discovering her own all natural remedy. Chloe found that aromatherapy helped her the most, it was something that she could easily take with her wherever she went, and it acted as a bit of a security blanket for her.  Chloe's goal is for her natural products to help as many people as possible, so she strives to make them as affordable and accessible as possible.


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