Will you be my bridesmaid?


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We've kept it stylish and simple with this charming bridesmaids gift box - it's a lovely way for you to ask "will you be my bridesmaid?". 

Along with a French Pear scented "bridesmaid" candle with glistening gold foil lettering, and long stemmed matches presented in a lovely box featuring gold foil print, we've included a sparkling jewellery dish, embelished with a glistening golden heart. We think it's a lovely gesture to include a special keepsake, so that your bridesmaids can keep it to remember the role that they played in your wedding. And, of course, a the all important card to ask, 'Will you be my Bridesmaid?" card - this one is from the team at Elm Paper.

So there's no need for you to run around a find a beautiful card, a candle or a special keepsake, and then look again for the perfect box to put all of your gifts in - we've done it all for you.


  • Free standard delivery throughout Australia
  • Bundle + Twine gift box, soft tissue paper and hand tied cotton ribbon 
  • 'Bridesmaid' candle in pear scent, with glistening gold foil lettering designed by Brittany Lettering, hand poured soy wax, with up to 33 hours burning time
  • Elm Paper Golden Loveheart card
  • Rosanna Inc porcelain jewellery dish featuring a glistening golden heart, individually boxed, approx 11cm x 10cm
  • A box of long match sticks in a beautiful box with a golden loveheart design on the front

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