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A very special gift for whiskey lovers, produced by award winning craft distillers, Tuthilltown Spirits.  Each bottle is hand waxed and hand numbered with a year, batch number and bottle number, making it a unique and very special gift.

Made from whole grain rye, one batch at a time and bottled at 92% proof, this is honest rye whiskey, spicy and rustic yet smooth. 

Perfect for a milestone birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

Notes: 350ml, 46% alc/vol.

About Tuthilltown Spirits: Prohibition put an end to small-batch distilling in New York, but Tuthilltown Distillers have resurrected an Empire State classic with their Manhattan Rye Whiskey. These award winning distillers are about handcrafted spirits and run a very hands-on operation, that’s why they source 90% of their raw materials from local farmers within ten miles of the distillery. From grain to glass, they take great care and pride in all of their spirits.

Gifts containing alcohol may only be purchased by and delivered to persons 18 years or over.

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