Tasting Journal - 33 Bottles of Beer


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A fun, quirky and practical little gift to pop in the gift box of anyone who loves to try different beers.

Beer afficianados will love this pocket sized book, especially designed to record tasting notes for all things beer! It has special places to record the names of beer that is sampled, brewer details, personal ratings, flavours and other 'important' stats. 

Notes: 13cm x 9cm, made with 100% recycled papers.

About 33 Books Co: Based in Portland, USA, 33 Books Co produce books and "tasting maps" that are designed to let people quickly take down the important details of their favorite consumables: beer, coffee, cheese, wine or whiskey and lots of other good things. The books are designed to be portable and practical and easily fit into the back pocket of most jeans.

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