Taco Socks


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Taco lovers behold... their very own pair of soft cotton Taco Socks, making every day Taco Tuesday! There's a good chance that these will never be washed, because they'll want to wear them every.single.day!

A practical, fun and quirky way to say Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day or Thank you. 

These adorable Taco Socks will never be relegated to the second drawer. Made in Australia by local business, Lafitte, these socks are super soft and will keep feet cozy all day.

Notes: Size 6-11. Made in Australia

About Lafitte: Lafitte are an Australian-owned business that has been producing high quality socks since 1986. Quality is the most important thing to Lafitte and they never compromise. Their mission is to ensure that Australia's feet are comfortable, warm and happy at all times, whether they be walking, running, jumping or just lazing on the couch.

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