Summer Salt White Clay Masque


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If you're creating a gift for her to provide relaxation and promote her health and happiness, then a beautiful white clay masque from Summer Salt Body is the perfect place to start. It comes with a calico pouch containing a soft bristled brush and spoon for application.

This pure White Clay Face Masque is calming, cooling and softens the skin. It is all natural and vegan, and is Summer Salt Body's most gentle facial masque. Just apply, sit and relax with a cup of tea or glass of wine, then rinse off, revealing refreshed, clean skin.

Combine with a candle and some hand crafted chocolate for a spa day at home.

Notes: suitable for all skin types, 100gam sachet, plus application spoon and brush presented in a cute calico pouch. Natural and vegan.

About Summer Salt Body: Founded in Melbourne in 2014, Summer Salt Body believe that beauty rests within nature, so all of their products are created using natural and organic ingredients. The range is handcrafted and inspired by the ocean.

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