Soak Society Wellness Soak - Sleep, travel size


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A lovely addition to any gift box that you are creating to indulge someone special. A long soak in a hot bath, with a softly scented candle and maybe a drop of wine and some chocoloate - bliss!

Soak Society ‘Sleep’ Wellness Soak is designed to scoop into a deep hot bath, allowing a long relaxing soak to help calm a busy mind and soften skin in preparation of a peaceful slumber.

Notes: ingredients -Epsom salts, Active White Kaolin Clay, Celtic Sea Salt, Colloidal Oatmeal, Lavender & Chamomile. Travel size, 100 grams, for 1-2 baths.
About Soak Society: Soak Society was born in 2014 in Brisbane when founder Natalie wanted to share her love of soaking with the world, and begin to make baths cool again. Out with brightly coloured bath salt crystals and bombs, and in with beautiful wellness soaks made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

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