Razzle Dazzle Biscuits


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Who can resist a hand made chocolate biscuit? The answer is no-one!

You're never too old for these most delicious Razzle Dazzles from Bizzarri Dolci. These fudgy chocolate biscuits are coated in hundreds & thousands just before baking. Crispy on the outside and softer on the inside. Enjoyed by all ages (because no-one is too old for Razzle Dazzles!).

Hundreds and thousands make the perfect Happy Birthday gift, will spark joy in a thank you gift, or will lift their spirits if they are unwell or simply in need of a little afternoon pick me up.

Notes: 150grams

About Bizzarri Dolci: Bizzarri Dolci is a handmade biscuit bakery located in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern, specialising in the creation of gourmet biscuits and baked sweets. Bizzarri Dolci’s philosophy is simple - create handmade biscuits and other baked delights with natural and fresh ingredients...so they taste like they should. 

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