Pump Street Chocolate - Ecuador


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Yet another award winning chocolate from Pump Street, this time the Ecuador 85% Chocolate. An extremely palatable high-percentage bar with a rich aroma and a rounded, nutty character.

Pump Street Chocolate is about real chocolate made by hand, using traditional methods and all natural ingredients. And just look at that packaging!

We couldn't find this delicious chocolate anywhere in Australia... so we imported it ourselves, all the way from the family owned Pump Street Bakery, located in the village of Orford on Suffolk's Heritage Coast in the United Kingdon.  Importing chocolate is not cheap, so it's a little more expensive than regular chocolate, but who wants regular?

Why is it so good? Pump Street Chocolate is bean to bar chocolate, made by hand, using traditional methods and all natural ingredients. 

Notes: 20gm individual portion. Made from Heirloom Cacao Preservation accredited cocoa beans from Samuel von Rutte's Hacienda Limon farm on the Guantupi River in Ecuador. Winner of the Academy of Chocolate 2016 Best Dark Chocolate Bean-To-Bar Over 80% - Gold.

About: Pump Street was founded in November 2010 by father and daughter team Chris and Joanna Brennan. It is the result of Chris’ years developing his skills as a self-taught baker and later chocolate maker, and Joanna’s enthusiasm for all things gourmet. After mastering naturally-leavened bread, they ventured into making chocolate from beans they imported directly from single estates and cooperatives around the world.

The bakery shop is located in a 15th Century building on Orford’s Market Square which was renovated after it was unoccupied for almost 20 years. Chris and Joanna began making chocolate in 2012 at the bakery, but by 2017 they'd outgrown that space, and established a chocolate factory in nearby Rendlesham. 

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