Nana Huchy Bunny Blue


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Just the thing for playtime snuggles, walks in the pram or car rides to visit nan and pop.

Maybe it’s because Bluey Bunny ate too much grass but he loves the sounds it makes when someone shakes his tummy. Good thing too because his starry, blue overalls were made for dancing. If you know someone Bluey Bunny can endlessly entertain with his rattling dance moves, he most certainly would like to know about it.

Combine with a gentle baby soap, a colourful muslin swaddle and something for mum and dad, to complete your one-of-a-kind baby gift box.

Approx 18cm.

About Nana Huchy: Established in 2003, Nana Huchy’s aim was to create a classic range of homewares with a deliciously contemporary twist. Nana Huchy products embody the elegance of a time gone by and combine it with a fresh, practical purpose. With beautiful materials, the colour palette of a child's imagination and superior quality each Nana Huchy product reflects the time taken ensuring every piece is meticulously crafted.

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