Modern Burlap Swaddle - Hero Struck


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Modern Burlap's signature, black and white muslin swaddle blanket featuring an impressive Hero design. The perfect gift for parents who like modern, contemporary design for their sweet little baby.

Become a gifting hero with this gorgeous, monochrome swaddle. It's soft, organic and gorgeous and makes a beautiful and practical gift to celebrate the birth of a little one. Featuring Modern Burlap's signature, black and white design in a 'Hero' pattern.

Notes: 120cm x 120cm, certified organic cotton.

About Modern Burlap Swaddles: Every Modern Burlap swaddle is pre-washed and ultra soft, becoming even softer with each use and washing. Uses include blanket, floor time play rug, stroller cover, nursing shield, change mat and burp cloth.  

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