Mint Home Photo Frame


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A stylish photo frame from the home decor wizz kids at Mint Home is a practical gift that is perfect for oh so many occasions... 

Birthday? Yep, the birthday boy or girl can take centre stage with a photo of themselves of course

New Baby? Absolutely! The new parents are going to want a bunch of photos of their angel (unless it's the third kid, no-one takes photos of the third kid... (jokes!)

Engagement? Um, obviously... what supercute couple hasn't got a stack of super cute photos

And don't get us started on graduations, weddings, new homes, new jobs, bon voyage etc etc...Just add wine, handcrafted chocolate, crunchy crackers and savoury nuts to complete your thoughtful (and one of a kind) gift.

Notes: White wooden frame, 4 x6 inches, packaged in it's own box that will be hand wrapped by us, and made to look super pretty 

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