Maya Sunny Honey Macadamia Crunch


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It's difficult to describe just how divine this Maya Sunny Honey Macadamia Crunch is. 100% golden honey, layered with crunchy Australian macadamia nuts. It's an indulgent treat for honey lovers, and will make a decadent addition to cereal, porridge or granola in the morning, or perhaps a special treat on a late night cheese platter.

Add some crunchy savoury crackers, spicy nuts, red wine and fig paste for a late night supper gift box.

Notes: 100% raw honey and macadamia nuts, no preservatives, approx 300 grams

About Maya Sunny Honey: Maya Sunny Honey is a 100% raw honey range, handcrafted wholly by Andrew and his hard working bees from Mudgee, NSW, Australia. Andrew’s passion and inspiration for bees started at a very young age in the country-side of Poland, where he would learn and help his parents on the apiarist farm. Maya Sunny Honey believes honey should be enjoyed in its most pure form, allowing full benefit of its nutritional properties. 

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