Lucie Kaas Sparrow - Oak


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A lovely, whimsical addition to a nursery, bedside table, living area or desk. Gunnar Florning, a renowned Danish architect, is responsible for designing this charming little sparrow figurine in the early 1960’s. Its timeless elegance is reflected in the success of its relaunch by Copenhagen based label Lucie Kaas.

Notes: One sparrow, produced by hand in Oak, 8 cm high. Individually boxed.

About Lucie Kaas: Lucie Kaas was founded when creative director Esben Gravlev discovered an iconic pattern and some old, wooden animals. Captured by the story reflected in the items, he decided to start telling their stories to the rest of the world - creating the main foundation for Lucie Kaas. It is their mission to discover designers and create objects that can tell a story, whether that lies in the history of the designer, the use of materials or the shape of the object.