Little People Big Dreams - Coco Chanel


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A special way to end the day, reading this super popular Little People Big Dreams - Coco Chanel baby book. It will become part of a treasured night time ritual for little ones and parents alike.

With this story about Coco Chanel, little girls everywhere can learn about having dreams, being strong and clever and happy. 

Combine with a soft muslin wrap, a clickety clack of a rattle and perhaps something for the new parents too, to create your unique, and special baby gift box.

Board book, approx 15.5cm x 12.5cm

Notes: The Little People Big Dreams series is about the lives of outstanding people from designers to artists to scientists, whose paths to success were full of tricky turns. This story is about lauded French fashion designer Coco Chanel who begins her life in an orphanage, where she is a genius with needle and thread, sewing and creating from a young age. She goes on to be a cabaret singer, a milliner and finally the fashion designer whose house still has cult status, even though Coco herself is gone.