Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Dry Mask


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If you're on a mission to find something beautiful to pamper her, this gorgeous Herbivore Botanicals mask is one very special option. Using all natural ingredients, Herbivore Botancials have created a truly beautifying and skin softening mask. It's great to use before a night out or for extra nourishing and TLC - so perfect for brides to be, bridesmaids, birthday girls or someone about to start a new phase in their life.

Add a softly scented candle and some soft cotton washers and she can have a mini spa in the comfort of her own home!

About Herbivore Botanicals:  Herbivore Botanicals is an all natural bath and skin care company with a reputation for excellence.  Everything is crafted by hand, in small batches, using the finest raw natural materials with an emphasis on organic, high quality, food grade ingredients. Products are created to bring joy to daily bathing and skin care rituals - a way to carve out some much needed downtime in a hectic routine.

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