Herbivore Botanical Pink Clay Soap


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Best friends, bridesmaids, mums, sisters and just about everyone else we know will fall in love with this divine, handcrafted soap from Herbivore Botanicals. Their 'Pink Clay' Soap is a best seller for good reason! It has a lovely refreshing citrus and floral scent and a silky smooth texture, leaving skin soft and moisturised, 113 grams.

Lovely inclusion in your birthday, anniversary, bridesmaid, get well soon or hump day gift box

About Herbivore Botanicals:  In 2011, founders Julia and Alex started Herbivore Botanicals on a single guiding principle: the very best ingredients are made in the earth, not in a lab. Since then, the pair has stayed true to their vision, crafting skin and haircare wonders from all-natural botanicals, minerals, and essential vitamins. Best of all, each unique product is made by hand. 

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