Festive Pimms


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A bright and festive gift box with melt in the mouth treats and Pimms, the ultimate summer drink. A gift box that is just perfect for a hot Christmas Day.

The charming thing about this gift box, is that the festive season can continue in style long after the Pimms is sipped and the wafers are devoured, due to the inclusion of a set of 2 lovely, shatterproof "cheers" glasses. They're perfect keepsake to use outdoors, on picnics, by the beach or the pool.

A stylish and unique gift to thank clients, staff or colleagues for supporting you this year, and equally love gift for your favourite people, friends and family this festive season.


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  • 2 bottles of Pimms No 1, with lemonade and ginger ale, 330ml
  • Simon Johnson Salted Caramel Wafers, thin, crispy biscuits with a hit of salted caramel flavour, very festive indeed, 80 grams
  • Set of 2, award winning shatterproof "Cheers" glasses from Govino, made of an ultra-thin, flexible BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s colour and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal. Shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and perfect for outdoors, by the pool or beach. Note flutes are being substituted for red wine shape that is currently unavailable.
  • A handful of traditional red and white straws, for Pimms traditionalists
  • Bundle + Twine gift box and note card for your hand written message

         (Gifts containing alcohol may only be purchased by and delivered to persons 18 years or over)

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