Emma Kate Co "Thank you" Card


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Emma Kate Co's fabulous "a little note, a big thank you card" says thank you in a simple and very stylish way.

Depending on whether you're sending a gesture of thanks or a really, really big thank you, you can choose from one to 10 beautiful gifts to include with your thank you gift.

Popular choices for thank you gifts for females include a candle, handcream and chocolate; and for males chocolate biscuits, wine, and crackers are always in the top 5!

Notes: An A6 (105mm x 148mm) luxe greeting card with foiled arrow envelope. Blank interior. Printed in Australia on environmentally responsible, carbon neutral art stock.

About Emma Kate Co: Established in Melbourne in 2015, Emma Kate Co has set the standard for beautiful stationery and lifestyle products. With simple brush strokes, fresh designs, and words to stir the soul, they weave conscious, considered, generous details into every little thing they make.

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