Tea - Deitea 'White Wedding'


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Everybody gets a little on edge before a wedding right? Well they can all calm down and take a few minutes to reflect while sipping on this perfect blend of loose leaf tea. It's the obvious choice when you're creating a personal and special gift for a special day. Brides, grooms, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and even the MC will appreciate this on point loose leaf tea. 

Ingredients: White tea, paw paw, pear, mango pieces, rose petals, calendula and cornflowers, 45gms

About Deitea: Deitea was formed in 2012 by two friends with a mutual dream to create luxury teas and herbal blends that rejuvenate, restore and delight the senses. Deitea bespoke luxury tea blends use the world’s finest ingredients sourced from accredited tea estates around the globe.

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