Commonfolk Collective - 'Birthday' Candle


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Celebrate their special day by gifting them their very own, and very unique 'BIRTHDAY' candle.

The clever team at The Commonfolk Collective have created this gorgeous 'dictionary meaning' candle with a label that says: 

burth-dey (noun): a day to remind you how special you are, a day for extra hugs, kisses and cake

Long after they've enjoyed the beautiful fragrance drifting throughout their home, they'll have a fun and practical 'BIRTHDAY' jar, which makes the sweetest keepsake gift. They can use it to store pens and pencils in on their desk, boxes of matches for lighting other candles, or treats on a bedside table.

All you need to do now is add the finishing touches to your one of a kind birthday gift - like a black of fancy chocolate, an organic face masque or a pair of comfy socks.

Notes: The fragrance is 'Mali', which is a like a summer breeze that blends coconut and lime.Pure soy wax candle, hand poured into jars made from recycled bottles, medium sized candle, with approx 40 hours burn time. 

About The Commonfolk Collective: Founded by Fibi, who grew up in her parents hippie surf shop in the 70's, TCC's goal is to create products that will calm your space and soothe your soul. Fibi has always loved the ritual of burning candles and believes that these feel good rituals remind us to slow down and take a moment and renew our energy.

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