Commonfolk Collective - 'Baby' Candle


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All new parents are guaranteed to love this 'BABY'  'dictionary meaning' candle, made by the clever team at The Commonfolk Collective. With a gentle scent that will send calming vibes throughout the home, this surely is the perfect gift to welcome a little one into the world.

Then, long after the candle has done it's job, the gorgeous 'BABY' jar becomes a sweet and practical keepsake, ideal for storing cotton balls, dummys or  bibs and bobs on the nursery shelf.

bey-bee (noun): new life, a gift from mother nature, baby earthling, young spirit, bambino, babe, bubba

The fragrance is 'Tulum', which is softly scented, tropical with hints of mango and lime.

Combine with all natural baby skin care from Bondi Wash, a soft cotton singlet, and perhaps a story book for bed time - oh, and don't forget to include something for the new parents too!

Notes: Pure soy wax candle, hand poured into jars made from recycled bottles, medium sized candle, with approx 40 hours burn time. 

About The Commonfolk Collective: Founded by Fibi, who grew up in her parents hippie surf shop in the 70's, TCC's goal is to create products that will calm your space and soothe your soul. Fibi has always loved the ritual of burning candles and believes that these feel good rituals remind us to slow down and take a moment and renew our energy.

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