Cereal City Guide - Copenhagen


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You don't have to be travelling to Copenhagen to love this book. It's a charming coffee table book for those who travel or those who dream of travelling and visiting the beautiful city of Copenhagen. It features places selected by the locals, places you may not find when travelling alone.

Featuring Cereal magazine’s favourite places, artfully sitting alongside beautiful photography of the city and personal articles by residents of the city. It’s an essential for an avid traveller or anyone planning a visit.

Notes: 128 pages, 14.8cm x 21 cm.

About Cereal City Guides: Every City guide has been curated and created by Cereal Magazine and their team of international contributors. They’ve visited each location and can personally vouch for its merits. Cereal aims to produce guides that would befit Cereal readers and modern travellers alike, recommending a tightly edited selection of experiences that combine quality, meticulous design with accessibility.

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