Celia Loves Candle- Freesia + Ripe Berries


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This gorgeous Limited Edition Freesia + Ripe Berries candle from Celia Loves is just the thing to celebrate a special birthday, thank someone in style or show some love by sending a little afternoon pick me up.

It has a lush tropical fragrance - think elderberries and strawberries tangled with sweet pea and lily of the valley.

With their creative packaging and distinctive fragrances, Celia Loves candles are a thoughtful gift for someone special or a treat for yourself. 

Notes: Hand poured in Melbourne using 100% natural soy wax, 100% cotton lead free wicks.  Approx 40 hours burn time. 

About Celia Loves:  Founded by Stefi, a candle-obsessed former corporate dweller, who started her business in her home town of Melbourne 'by accident' in 2015.  As a prolific candle burner, her urge to burn was getting a little expensive and she knew that paraffin wax wasn't great to inhale so she set about learning how to pour her own natural soy wax candles. After completely failing the first few times, something clicked and all of a sudden she was making more candles than she could burn. She started gifting them to friends and family, and the rest is history.

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