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A lovely and practical keepsake gift for a colleague, friend or teacher. Add some delicious biscuits and perhaps a little wine, to create the perfect gift for a teacher, friend or colleague this Christmas.

This Christmas ornament is handmade in Australia from a creamy/white earthenware clay, with a gloss glaze on the front side and red text. Each decoration is hand stamped, ensuring that no two are alike. Can be personalised by handwriting a message on the back with a felt pen. Finished with red and white twine and ready to hang on the tree.

Notes: As each piece is carefully handmade and hand stamped so there will be natural variations in the product.

About Caroline C: Caroline completed an Interior Design course in London, immersing herself with the design houses she had always read about. On returning to Australia it was Caroline’s interest in hand painted ceramics and tiles from Portugal that lead her to creating her own ceramic pieces and jewellery. Caroline thinks it’s kind of nice that her designs may become keepsakes that are treasured for years to come as a reminder of an event in someone’s life.

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