Candle - Damselfly: Cute But Psycho But Cute


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This fun, tongue in cheek candle is a perfect Birthday, I love you or Just Because gesture and it will be sure to brighten up the day of a good friend, or add some laughter to a birthday. 

To complete your personal gift box, add some wine or a cocktail from our Bar and some delicious handcrafted chocolate.

The scent is described by Damselfly as being like "Long, deep breaths of creamy coconut, soft musk and white florals. Like a summer fling for your senses" - all we know is that is smells delicious!

Notes: Diameter 9cm, Height 10.5cm, double wick, up to 60 hours burn time.

About Damselfly Collective: Something of a mad genius, Melbourne based designer Christianna is full of energy, creativity and sparks of joy that only come from somebody who truly loves what they do. From the age of 19 Christianna has skipped across the globe from India to New York gathering precious jewels, tales and inspiration. Damselfly candles are about what it means to be a modern woman - part sexy, part charming, part naughty and still a little bit delicate.

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