Buddy + Bear Tumbler: Numbers


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We like to think long term when giving gifts for new babies. Something that will remain after the lovely flowers and balloons have sadly faded. This is why we think this striking melamine dinnerware is a perfect gift that baby can grow into and that new parents will appreciate in the months that follow baby's birth.

Before they know it, they'll need tumblers, plates and bowls - and you can set the scene with the most stylish melamine tumblers, bowls and plates from Buddy + Bear in the UK. It's hard to come by in Australia, so you're going to become a gifting hero! 

This stylish tumbler features numbers 0 to 9 in a fun black font. Made of plastic, this tumbler is perfect for everyday use from morning milk to pencil pots with a sneaky educational opportunity.

Notes:250ml capacity, BPA free plastic, microwave and dishwasher safe. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

About Buddy + Bear: Buddy and Bear is a family business run by husband and wife team, Sarah and Jon. Together they design sweetly stylish nursery pieces that can be treasured by little ones and grown-ups alike. All Buddy + Bear products are designed in Sarah and Jon's home in West London and where possible, they work with local suppliers to manufacture them.

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