Bondi Wash Baby Powder


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Bondi Wash Baby Powder is practical gift, stylishly presented, that will be used throughout the day, and appreciated by the new parents, during those many nappy changes in those early days at home with a newborn baby.

This is a 100% natural formulation from Bondi Wash will protect baby's bottom and skin creases from rash and irritation. It's talc-free, enriched with Emu Apple extract for skin nourishment and lightly fragranced with Blue Cypress & Petitgrain natural scent.

Perfect for a baby shower gift with a classic story book or as part of a larger welcome gift to send to the hospital or have waiting at home.

About Bondi Wash: All Bondi Wash products are plant-based, combining the amazing power and fragrance of unique Australian Bush Oils with a luxurious mix of other essential oils and natural ingredients to bring a new range of truly distinctive products that are good for the planet and your skin. Nothing nasty. Products are non-toxic, bio-degradable and contain ingredients sourced from the best Australian suppliers.

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