Balter Beer - Lager


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Full of drinkableness. Allow him to crack open the window to a tastebud paradise of blue skies and salty sea breezes, where the word drinkableness exists. Yes. Say it out loud. Drinkableness. The Balter Lager will greet him with a casual citrus wave, subtle spicy grin and gentle malt hug.  

To complete his custom gift box, add crunchy savoury nuts, crisp crackers and smooth milk chocolate!

About Balter: Hailing from the Gold Coast, Balter beer was quick to create waves within the craft beer community. Their core philosophy is that "Your taste buds come first. A neat can and cool place to hang are great, but if our brews don’t tickle your tongue and put a grin on your head then we haven’t done our job".