Babe Body Souffle - Wild Daisy


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When you can't be there with them, for a birthday or just because, and sending a beautiful gift is on your mind, this Babe Body Soufflé is the perfect way to reach out and let them know you're thinking of them.

Babe Body Soufflé is a richly hydrating and nourishing natural body cream that smells good enough to eat. This Wild Daisy Soufflé will whisk her away to the fields where wild daisies grow, and float on wild strawberries, white daisies, woody musk and tangy grapefruit.

It's the ultimate gift when you want to send a little tlc but can't be there in person - a gift designed to pamper and allow that much needed rest and regeneration. Made with gentle ingredients of sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, and shea butter, Babe's Body Soufflé will help protect, restore, and replenish skin. Lasts all day with a non-greasy formula so they won't feel sticky!

Notes: 200ml, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Made in Australia.

About Babe Australia:  A restlessness accompanied the eve of turning 40 for Australian mum of three, Kim Peirce. A knowing that there was something more to be achieved. A yearning for more magic... more autonomy... for challenge & putting everything out there. With the support of her family, Kim blew a kiss goodbye to her corporate role and leaned in on her love of essential oils and fine fragrances to create a body of work that is more about the heart space and less about the perfect selfie. The Babe brand is now sold across the globe, and can be found in beautiful local cult boutiques, through to retail icons such as Bloomingdales

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