Aromatherapy Co Hand Cream - Cinnamon + Vanilla Bean


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With fragrances of cinnamon and vanilla bean, you just know that The Aromatherapy Co's Cinnamon + Vanilla Bean hand cream is going to smell divine.

It's lavished with Avocado, Kawakawa & Coconut oils to soothe & restore moisture to tired hands. Perfect for a bedside table, desk drawer or bag to ensure hands are smooth, moisturised and well cared for.

A lovely gift to celebrate the happiest birthday's of girlfriends, mums, sisters or aunts, or an equally lovely 'get well soon', afternoon-pick-me-up or bridesmaids gift.

Notes: Designed to enrich skin and indulge with the aroma of essential oils. Lavished with Avocado, Kawakawa & Coconut oils to soothe & restore moisture. Infused with the heavenly combination of Cinnamon Leaf essential oil & Vanilla essence, and SPF15 to help protect against sun damage. Individually boxed, 75ml metal tube.

About the Aromatherapy Co: Sarah Townsend, founder of The Aromatherapy Company, has been developing ranges of natural and essential therapy products for the past twenty years. Sarah’s passion for nature and strong belief in natural therapies is reflected in the gorgeous range of The Aromatherapy Co products.

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