Alain Milliat White Peach Nectar


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One word to say...Bellini! Simply add to cold, crisp Prosecco and you have the perfect Bellini. No need to become a mixoligist, just chill and serve.

This stunning white peach nectar, imported from France, is peach nectar at its tastiest. Enjoy it mixed with sparkling water, drizzled over fruit salads or mixed with prosecco for the ultimate Bellini.

Notes: Made in France, 330ml bottle. 

About Alain Milliat: This farmer's son from Lyon started his adventure with the aim of validating the quality of the raw materials of his own products. This is how the idea of creating juices and nectars that reflect the caracteristics of the fresh fruits was born. Today, Alain Milliat produces fruit juices, nectars, jams and fruit purees in a traditional home-style manner full of authentic and natural flavours. New products are introduced every year based on harvests and new discoveries by Alain Milliat.

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