A good gift, one that has been picked to delight, can go a long way in business. Good gifts do not go unnoticed, and they make staff, clients and colleagues feel connected to your business. Good gifts help lay the foundations for lasting relationships - relationships where people won’t want to look elsewhere and where they’re pleased to refer your business to others. 

When choosing and designing our corporate gifts, we think about the types of gifts that most people like to receive. They're invariably practical gifts, but something a bit fancier than you would normally buy for yourself. Originality is important but a stylish, practical gift will always strike the right note. And 'good gifts' are always presented beautifully - our gifts are packed with care, wrapped with precision and have that look to good to unwrap feel. It is this commitment to quality, and our love of a personal touch that guarantees the uniqueness of our corporate gifts. 

Choose one of our carefully curated 'ready to go' gift boxes, or get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with a custom designed staff or client gift, event or conference gift, or media kit incorporating your corporate colours and logo (minimums apply). We also have an on-line, real time 'design your own' gift box option where it's easy to create 'one of a kind' gifts from as little as $30.

We're also pleased to offer volume discounts for larger corporate orders.

To place a volume order, download our Bulk order form


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