1. Does the price include delivery?
The price of all of our pre-designed and personalised gift boxes includes FREE standard delivery throughout Australia! Standard shipping for our 'design your own' boxes is $10.95 in SA and $12.95 everywhere else, with discounts available for multiple deliveries to the same metropolitan address. We also offer Express shipping around Australia at $23.95 per box,and same day shipping for the Adelaide metro area from $15.95 per box. 
2. What size are your boxes? 
We have 3 different sized gift boxes, so no matter how many items you choose, it will always look perfect: 

+ Small 20cm x 15cm x 10cm

+ Medium 28cm x 22cm x 9.5cm

+ Large 35cm x 25cm x 11cm

3. How many things can I fit into a design your own gift box? 
We suggest 1-10 items. If we can't fit what you have ordered into a gift box, we will be in touch with suggestions for you.
4. What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa and MasterCard and direct deposit. For direct deposit, select this method of payment at the checkout and follow the instructions. We will despatch your gift box as soon as the funds have been cleared into our bank account, noting that fund transfers can take up to 3 days.
5. How much is shipping?

We offer standard, express and same day (Adelaide metro only) shipping options 

Standard shipping is included  in the price of our entire range of pre-designed gift boxes. For 'design your own' gift boxes, the shipping is $10.95 per box for SA and $12.95 per box for all other states. If you are shipping multiple dyo gift boxes to the same metropolitan address we have promo codes that will reduce the shipping costs to that of a single box. See more at see Q9 below.

Express shipping is $23.95 per box for all States for orders received by 1.30pm (ACST) and where the delivery address falls within the Australia Post Express Post Network. It's best to check that your delivery location is within the guaranteed area before selecting express post as we cannot refund express post charges once the parcel has been sent. If Australia Post fail to deliver in accordance with their guarantee, we will refund the express portion of shipping costs. See our separate Shipping and Delivery page for further information

Same Day Shipping is $15.95 for orders received by 11.30am (ACST), for deliveries up to 10km from North Adelaide. For deliveries between 10km-30km from North Adelaide, same day shipping ranges from $19.95-$25.95. Select 'same day' shipping at checkout and the applicable rate will be displayed and applied. If you just miss the cut off, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help with same day delivery if we possibly can.

6. How long will my gift box take to arrive if I select 'standard' shipping?
In metro Adelaide delivery is typically 1 business day (depending on what time the order is received). If delivery is urgent, please contact us or choose 'same day' or 'express' options. Delivery to metro Melbourne is around 2 business days, metro Sydney around 3 business days, other capital cities around 3-5 business days, with Perth occasionally taking a little longer. Deliveries to remote/regional locations may take up to 7 business days, especially for WA, NT and upper QLD. For more details about shipping see our ‘ Shipping and Delivery’ page. 
7. What if I supply the wrong delivery address?
If you make a mistake with the delivery address let us know asap. If your order hasn't been sent we can easily make changes. However, if it's been shipped via Australia Post, we are unable to make any changes, and the order will likely be marked as "return to sender". Once we receive it back in our studio, we'll let you know, and we will arrange re-delivery once the re-delivery fees have been paid (at our standard shipping rates). If the parcel has already been collected by a courier, we'll try our best to make changes to the delivery address, noting that address alterations made by the courier are likely to result in delivery delays, and the courier is likely to charge a fee. We'll always email you an order confirmation straight away so please check that to ensure the details are correct. If you don't receive one immediately after placing your order, please check your spam/junk folder, particularly if you're using a hotmail account. 
8. Can I get an order delivered on a specific day?
For deliveries within the Adelaide metro area we'll do our best to deliver on specific days, just let us know in the "shipping message" section when you checkout, or get in touch with us OR choose same day shipping. For all other delivery areas, we'll do our best to meet any delivery requests, but as we rely on Australia Post/courier services for delivery, we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date. 
9. Do you have any promo codes?
Those on our email list will be the first to hear about special offers including free shipping, but we also have the following permanent promo codes that apply to design your own gift boxes deliverd to the same metropolitan address (ie not to our pre-designed collections):

2BOXES: for 2 boxes this code will deduct $10.95 from your cart 

3BOXES:for 3 boxes this code will deduct $21.90 from your cart 

For more than 3 boxes or volume corporate orders, please get in touch and we'll organise individual discounts for you. Please note that these codes will only be honoured for the stated purposes.

10. Why is my delivery late?
The vast majority of our orders are delivered on time, without issue. If you haven't heard from the recipient about your gift, and you were expecting to, please use the tracking details provided to check the status of your delivery. Most delivery delays are due to the recipient not being home and there not being anywhere safe to leave the parcel. If this happens, a calling card will be left and the recipient has 5 days to contact the courier to arrange re-delivery to the same address or collection from an agency/post office/drop point. If the recipient hasn't made contact with the courier in 5 days, the parcel is returned to us and re-delivery fees will apply. Note that if the recipient wants to change the delivery address (eg to their place of work) they are likely to be charged a fee by the courier as the shipping fee includes delivery to one address. We appreciated that delivery delays are frustrating, so if possible try and nominate a delivery address where there will always be someone available to receive the parcel (eg work/school).   
11. Do you deliver to hospitals?
Yes, but it's very important that you check that the recipient will still be in hospital when your gift arrives, and to avoid delivery delays, we need as much information as possible to help the hospital locate the recipient. For example, tell us the recipient’s full name, any other name they may be known by (eg Maiden name), wing number, ward number and/or room number. If you become aware that the recipient has been discharged before the gift box has been delivered, please call us immediately and we'll do our best to change the delivery address, noting that this may result in a delivery delay. If the parcel is delivered to the hospital but the recepient has already been discharged, the parcel may be returned to us for re-delivery (fees will apply) or the patient may have to collect it from the hospital.
12. How do I 'design my own’ gift box?' (DYO)?
Customising your own gift box is very easy, and we're one of the very few gift box businesses where you can do this. You simply scroll through the list of our gifts (we have hundreds of lovely things to choose from), click the "+" button to put something in your gift box, click "-" to take something out of your box and click "i" to get more information about a particular item. When you start, towards the top of the 'design your own' page you'll see a rectangular box and on the left hand side it says "Your gift box is empty". You will notice that as you choose the items you want to include in your gift, this empty box gradually fills up with photos of the items that you have chosen. You can always scroll to the top of your screen at any time, to see what is in your gift box so far, or you can look along the bottom of your phone/computer/tablet and you'll also see little photos of everything that has been added to your gift box. This means you can always keep track of what's in your box and how much the total cost is. 

To get started, select ‘design your own’ from the top of the home page of our website. Scroll down the page and you'll see hundreds of lovely items that you can include in your gift box. You can scroll through the entire collection, or choose a sub-category and only see those items (eg by clicking the tab called "BABY" you'll only see gifts for babies).

To add items to your gift box, click the "+" button beneath each item.

To remove items for your gift box, click the "-"  button beneath the item (or click the "x" button in the virtual gift box towards the start of the 'design your own' page).

To see more information about an item, click the "i" button (on the top right hand side of the item).

Remember, you can always check what you've added to your gift box and how much it costs so far, by either scrolling up to the virtual gift box at the top of the page, or looking at the little photos along the bottom of your mobile/computer/tablet. 

When you’re done, click “complete your box” and we’ll take care of the rest! If you have any problems, just sing out.  
13. What if my gift box contains food or chocolate on a hot day and/or I am not giving the gift straight away?
Please be mindful that delivery vehicles are not refrigerated so in warmer months, food and beverages (particularly chocolate), is at risk of being altered as a result of high temperatures in delivery vehicles. Bundle + Twine accepts no responsibility for chocolate or any other food or beverage that has been altered under these circumstances. Also, if you're super organised and ordering your gift in advance and it contains perishable items, you'll need to store it in cool conditions until you're ready to deliver it. Once the gift box is in your hands, it's your responsbility to keep it cool until you're ready to give it the lucky recipient.
14. Can I order multiple gift boxes at once?
Absolutely! Just add all of the gift boxes that you would like to your shopping cart and at checkout, clearly state the addresses for each gift box in the "delivery instructions" box, or if it's easier for you, just send us a separate email with your order number and all of the shipping details and we'll take care of it. Be sure to use the promo codes in question 9 above to reduce the shipping costs (if you're sending to the boxes to the same metropolitan location).