Valentine's Day Gift Guide for men

by Tracy | January 27, 2017
Valentine's Day Gift Guide for men

This time of year can be a treacherous, particularly if you're in a new relationship. Do you go in hard for Valentine's Day and risk looking too needy and clingy? Do you play it cool, and risk losing your one shot at true love? It's a minefield out there! Oh, the stress of giving something that demonstrates the appropriate amount of affection, reflects a degree of thought (ie not flowers again!) and will keep you in the good books. 

I've been married for quite a while, and just between you and me, the effort put into Valentine's Day has been on a steep decline. I can say that here as he's never read one of my blogs and unless one of you six tell him, he's never going to find out. There's only so long you can ride the "I owe you one back rub" voucher train...I mean, have you ever tried to redeem one of those things?

But luckily for you we've got a few ideas that might help solve your Valentine's Day dilemmas. This week we're looking at gifts for blokes (SPOILER ALERT: next week we'll be looking at gifts for non blokes). So here's my list of Valentine's Day gifts for 5 types of men.

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