Five Swoonworthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

by Tracy | July 3, 2018
Five Swoonworthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

It’s Dry July, so a few of us (and when I say “us”, I mean you, not me), are giving our liver a tiny rest and easing up on alcohol for the month of July. But you’re not alone Dry July-ers, your kindred spirits include mums-to-be, tee-totallers, and designated drivers, all of whom are seeking the holy grail of non-alcoholic drinks: something with flavour, something not full of sugar, and something that looks pretty.  

I mean who ever looked forward to arriving at a party with a sexy 1.25 litre bottle of Diet Coke? No-one, that’s who. So we’ve come up with 5 swoonworthy non-alcoholic drinks. Beautiful beverages where the packaging alone will have you clambering to find a stockist. 

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