Wedding Favour ideas

by Tracy | May 25, 2017
Wedding Favour ideas

There can be nothing worse than forking out a heap of money on wedding favours or thank you gifts that miss the mark and get left behind by your guests. Just sad little reminders, sitting on sad little tables, dreaming of what might have been...

An ideal thank you gift or favour is one that is so good, that your guests will be milling around tables towards the close of proceedings, just hoping and wishing that another guest leaves their thank you gift behind, so that they can swoop in like a spring-time Magpie, and take it with them! 

Well, we've put in some serious leg work that will hopefully save you time and money, when it comes to thanking guests with a memorable 'wedding favour', aka 'bonbonierre' or party favour. Something that they are going to actually like, enjoy and hopefully remember fondly.

The good thing about most of these ideas is that you can make them yourself if you want to without too much effort. If that's what you've got in mind, here are our top 3 tips for 'do it yourself' favours:

  1. PLAN AHEAD: Some things will be cheaper if you order them on-line from overseas, but that means you're going to need to be organised. Places like ETSY, EBAY, Amazon and even Alibaba will be your friend but, you may need to wait 6-8 weeks for some things to arrive and then you'll need to allow time to assemble your gifts after that.
  2. BUY IN BULK: Probably pretty obvious, but if you're well organised, you can keep an eye out for specials and buy things ahead of time in bulk. This is a much cheaper option than leaving things to the last minute and having to pay full price at a department store.
  3. RESIST MONOGRAMS:The truth sometimes hurts, but let's be honest, when you receive a gift with someone elses initials emblazoned all over it, it's not the kind of thing you tend to use is it? For example, who actually wants a wine glass with someone else's names and wedding date on it? Um...just their parents I would think? The one exception to this rule, is that it's ok to put your name on packaging or labels of food, because no-one will care when they're devouring a delicious treat!

So, let's get cracking!


Great cookie wedding favors

So many upsides and not one downside because pretty much everyone loves a biscuit? If you're able to do this yourself, this is a super cheap, but impressive option and should come in at around $1 per guest. Options include:

  • piping each guests name on the biscuit, placing in a cellophane bag & using as a place card
  • printing your own 'cookie' bags and filling with store bought biscuits (purchased in bulk)
  • placing a biscuit on top of a mini glass of milk and offering to guests as a 'midnight snack'
  • having a 'cookie' buffet with plates of your favourite biscuits, tongs, bags etc, where guests can choose their favourite types before they leave


A unique bonboniere idea

This isn't as dodgy as it sounds. The seeds are for your guests to plant at home, and golden honey is the 'bee' part. If you're crafty you can let your creative side soar, if you're not, you'd better find someone who is or make friends with ETSY or EBAY. 

Options for the 'seeds' include selecting seeds for your favourite plant/herb and packaging them for your guests in a fun/quirky/fancy way like inside:

  • little draw string muslin bags (Google how to do this or buy them on ESTY for under $1 per bag). You can stamp your initials on the bags or use a permanent texta to decorate them
  • craft envelopes from your local stationery store that have been stamped with your wedding details (you can get rubber stamps made for about $30-$40 on EBAY/ETSY)
  • newspaper, tied up with twine and decorated with fresh greenery (see photo above)

The honey can be purchased in bulk and transferred into a cute bottle, test tube, or lidded jar. You can print a label and stick it on, or print a swing tag and tie it on. For a little more you can add small wooden honey dipper. Apart from the honey, all of this can be purchased via EBAY or ETSY and you'll only need access to a computer and printer. You could also do this with your favourite jam, sauce or maple syrup!


Something weddings guests will love

Not gonna lie, I love this idea, and once again, it is not that expensive, and it can look really impressive!

Coffee: Simply purchase a few kilograms of coffee beans (or ground coffee) from the local supermarket (or from your favourite barista) and place a generous scoop in a quality brown paper bag, and fold the top down (just like they do at the shops!). The information you print on the label is where you have all the fun. You can put your name (as the 'blend'), your wedding date (as the 'batch number') and the venue (as the 'origin'). You'll need a large sticker or plain paper cut to size and glued on the paper bag will suffice. You could also use a kraft envelope and print the same information on it.

Tea: If you and your partner love tea, then this is a no brainer. Options include:

  • replacing the existing labels on store purchased tea bags with labels you've printed yourself with your name, date etc
  • making tea bags from scratch with thin gauze like material and your favourite loose leaf tea (ETSY has great ideas and Google is a great source of information and how to guides)
  • filling test tubes or kraft envelopes with your favourite tea


Super cute midnight snack ideas for wedding guests

There is a current trend of indulging guests in a late night, fast food snack. This can be in place of or in addition to a wedding favour. If you have a particular favourite guilty pleasure then this is your time to share it with your guests. The options are endless and are of course a personal choice but may include:

  • sliders and fries with a side bottle of cola 
  • cartons of iced coffee (if you're a known addict like someone around here is...)
  • toasted cheese sandwiches or other favourite childhood snack
  • little boxes with crackers, camembert, dried fruit (if you want to be fancy)
  • hot donuts!
  • mini containers of Ben & Jerry icecream (or fancy icecreams on sticks)


Fun wedding favour ideas with glassine bags

Strictly speaking, these probably should go in with category 6, but we are just crazy about glassine bags around here, so they're getting a cateogory of their own! There's a certain amount of nostalgia associated with them, but they make for a stylish and quirky way to gift just about anything! They're super cheap, and you can fill them with biscuits, you're favourite sweet treat, popcorn, nuts, etc. You can tie them with twine, print on them or seal them with little wooden pegs as shown above.


Cheap wedding favour ideas

This isn't rocket science and it's not uncommon to have a 'candy bar' at weddings these days. But, if that's all too much to worry about, you can pre-arrange a sweet or savoury treat for each guest. Cellophane bags, test tubes and paper bags are the obvious choices but think outside the square when filling them. Maybe gift a home made batch of caramel popcorn, pick some fresh cherries when in season, do a 'his and her', 'her and her' or 'his and his' favourites where guests get a little sample of the bridal parties favourite treats.


Candle and marshmallow wedding favours

Some other lovely ideas that we've come across include:

  • fresh marshmallows with your names printed on the labels 
  • small candles - these are pretty easy to make actually, you just need to set aside a little bit of time on a weekend, perhaps with the help of your bridal party. We've made them before using materials purchased from a candle making supply company found on the internet - or you can buy them from places like ETSY 
  • test tubes filled with your favourite treat and your partner's favourite treat (cause I bet they're different!). Test tubes are easily found on ebay and are under $1 each.

So there you have it, lots of good ideas for wedding thank you gifts that would make equally lovely thank you gifts for 21st birthdays, baby showers (eg cute baby biscuits, baby foot prints printed on labels etc) or corporate/conference thank you gifts.

Sing out if you need any more information and have fun! These ideas are all on pinterest too and there is a link to our pinterest board here if you want to save it for later!

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