Valentines Day gift ideas for gals

by Tracy | February 5, 2017
Valentines Day gift ideas for gals

3 Reasons why Valentine's Day could be worse:

1. Your Valentine's Day gift screams "regift" - except you know you can't regift because it's from you know who. No, not Voldemort...but from your special someone. You know exactly the type of gift I mean. Like say...a box of those 'gourmet' chocolates with whole cherries inside that have doused in some weird tasting juice that always drips out and trickles down your forearm, while you grimace saying "Mmmm, these are um...juicy". 

2. Your adoring partner gives you one of those lovers necklaces with a pendant that breaks in two, and there's a heavy expectation that you'll wear your public! Oh God, my anxiety levels are close to peaking just thinking of this one.

3. At your romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two, you make the rookie error of making eye contact with one of those high pressure sales people selling fake roses or taking photographs. You reach into your bag and pull out an eye patch hoping they'll think you're blind, but it's too late. You're stuck with an artificial rose in a cellophane cylinder and an A6 photo of you looking like Pirate Pete (aye aye)! 

So, if you're buying for your favourite female, and you don't want her Valentine's Day gift to end up as point 4 on next years blog, here are my Valentines Day gift ideas for 5 types of Gal, all taken from our 'design your own' gift box section (here):


Guys like Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt exist to make your life miserable. Pretty much no-one can live up to the romantic notions that Rom Com Girl has, but you're not a quitter. Unhelpfully, she also thinks Paris is the most romantic city in the world, so unless your Valentine budget stretches to long haul flights, you might want to try this French themed gift:

  • Cereal City Guide Paris: next best thing to that long haul flight...kind of?
  • Moet & Chandon: Champagne so you can at least pretend you're in Paris
  • George & Edi Candle: French Pear scent of course
  • Tote Bag: with French writing on it no less. Perfect for romantic picnic lunches
  • Rosanna Inc Loveheart dish: well it is Valentine's Day so you weren't going to get away without some show of affection

Rom Com Valentines day gift


Also known as The Night-Owl, this woman loves her sleep so much that she thinks there's only one 6 o'clock each day. If you're tasked with the job of getting her up after she's hit snooze button half a dozen times, this might be the gift you've been waiting for. The aim of the game is a nice gentle wake up with cute stuff added in wherever possible to encourage a smile

  • Deitea Loose Leaf Tea: Egyptian Mint for your Celopatra
  • Tea Infuser: for the perfect serving of tea
  • Robert Gordon Ceramic Chai Mug: a beautiful cup for a beautiful woman (you're welcome!)
  • Snug Studio Serving Board: a teddy bear shaped wooden serving board for you to deliver her cup of tea in bed. If that doesn't make her smile, not sure what will
  • Chocolate Teddies: skip the traditional biscuit for accompanying tea, and step up with teddy shaped chocolates!

Sweet valentines day gift ideas

3. FOMO Type (that's 'Fear Of Missing Out' for those who don't live with millenials)

If there's a dance floor, she's on it! If there's a cocktail menu, she's been on the website earlier in the day and memorised it! And if there's a ride home required, you're it! Here are a few gorgeous things to help her pre and post night on the town!

  • Prohibition Liquor Co Gin: best Gin in town and perfectly sized to pop in her bag or pocket
  • Copper Jigger: if you're going to pour a cocktail, do it in style
  • Bow Tie Drink Stirrers: to make those cocktails a little more fancy
  • Rosanna Inc porcelain wine coaster: so pretty!
  • Soak Society Bath Soak: 'Sleep' for the day after the night before! Nothing beats it! (except may hot chips and a Diet Coke)
  • Formulary 55 Foot Soak: for soaking those feet after a night on the alcohol soaked dance floor

Valentines day gifts for someone with FOMO


You've got so many pet names for each other that you don't even respond to your own name any more. You're still in the honeymoon/cutesy phase of your relationship, the kind that kiss while waiting at the supermarket checkout (ewww). This is perfect for you romantic fools:

  • Jellycat 'Twinkle' Bashful Bunny: for when you can't be there to snuggle
  • J Friend & Co Macadamia Honey: delicious, sweet honey, just like her
  • Wooden Honey Dipper: it's this or honey dripping down a jar and sticking to the pantry shelf for all eternity
  • Hebivore Botanicals Lip Polish: to keep those baby lips soft and sweet

For when your valentine is as cute as a bunny


She's 'the one', perfect in every way. Technically speaking if she is in fact 'the one' you should probably be putting in some sort of effort throughout the year, not just Valentine's Day - but who am I to judge, perhaps you already are and this is just a mere extension of your continual demonstration of love and devotion. The goal here is relaxation and pampering:

  • Best. Friend. Ever. Tea Towel: a risky & unconventional Valentine's Day gift to be sure, but the sentiment is what gets this gift over the line and makes it a winner!
  • Formulary 55 Bath Bomb: for bath time bliss
  • Ashley & Co Soothe Tube: gorgeous hand cream for you (yep you, you don't think she's going to massage her own hands on Valentine's Day do you?)
  • Bondi Wash Body Lotion: see above
  • "Oh Baby" porcelain trinket dish: for keeping precious rings and earrings close by on a bedside table or desk. There is also a degree of risk might be seen or taken as some kind of hint so be prepared!

Luxury valentines day gifts for girlfriend

So there you have it. Hopefully you're feeling inspired to get gifting this Valentine's Day and indeed throughout the year. 

PS FREE Adelaide CBD delivery for orders over $50.00 on Valentine's Day and FREE Adelaide CBD pick up 13 February.

Until next time

T x

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