Mother's Day Gifts

by Tracy | April 11, 2017
Mother's Day Gifts

Let's face it, mums aren’t notorious for having high standards when it comes to liking gifts from their children. Just cast your mind back to when you were in Grade One and you made that lovely, glitter covered lump of clay for her, that you referred to as a "paper weight" or worse still an "ash tray"! Her eyes lit up with excitement didn’t they? Or how about that flower you made from tissue and sprayed with cheap perfume or was it Impulse? She couldn’t get enough of it could she? Lucky for you, you didn’t see her smuggle that junk out of the house like a drug lord or you’d have been scarred for life – such is the love of a mother for her child.

Well if you’re reading this Blog, much time has no doubt passed and it's your turn to step up to the plate. You’re a grown up now and that kind of stuff won’t cut it! It’s time to lift your gifting game and properly thank the woman that:

  • has “watched this…” more times than is humane to ask. I mean how interesting do you really think it was to watch you as a 5 year old jump on one leg with an arm flapping about like a chicken, thinking you were actually doing something amazing and of interest?
  • smiled lovingly at you while eating the cold toast smeared with centimetre thick Vegemite, that you prepared for her special ‘breakfast in bed’, and
  • told you that you did a ‘good job’ when you came last (again) in the 100 metre sprint at School Sport’s Day

So here are our 5 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are better than clay "ash trays" and we think she'll actually like

1. Alcohol

Absolute no brainer! But maybe make it a bit fancy hey? She doesn't need a cleanskin from the local bottle shop, it's the one day a year you could probably lash out. We've include some award winning Prohibition Gin, a gorgeous copper jigger, some fancy bow tie cocktail stirrers and whatever you do, don't forget the tonic!

                   Gin and tonic kit for mum  

2. Afternoon Tea

If the poor woman is lucky enough to get even 5 minutes to herself, she's bound to want to spend it having a hot cuppa. We've chosen Deitea "Mothers Love" loose leaf tea (what else?), a tea infuser, a fancy ceramic mug, some honey cause she's so sweet, and some chocolate dipped shortbread for dipping (when no-one's looking).


                Afternoon tea mothers day gift delivered from Adelaide

3. The Baker

I don't know about you, but I love a good home made cake and my mother in law bakes the best in town (sorry mum!). I also spent a lot of time with my kids when they were little baking in the kitchen. We made cup-cakes, gingerbread, cupcakes, cupcakes and occasionally cupcakes. I used to let them lick the bowl 'back in the day', although apparently it's a crime these days. If your mum is a keen baker then give her some nice stuff! She's probably still using the stuff from when you were a kid. We think this gorgeous wooden platter, quality measuring spoons, Donna Hay magazine and fine ingredients will bring a smile to her face. 

                  Stylish baking gift boxes for hard to buy for mums 

4. Rest & Relaxation

Pretty much every mum I know likes to be pampered. I used to love it when I could trick my kids into rubbing my back or brushing my hair. They're a bit smarter now (kind of) and it's trickier and usually involves bribery, but occasionally I get a neck rub from my darling daughter. This Mother's Day up the anti and deliver on the bath and beauty products! We're talking candle, bath soak, body polish - the works! All she has to do is close the bathroom door, run the bath, and pretend she lives alone!

                   Spoil mum with Herbivore Botanicals bath soak, candles and more

5. Fancy bathroom stuff

Not entirely dissimilar to the Rest and Relaxation gift box, this collection of beautiful items will make her feel like she's staying in a posh hotel. We've chosen a fancy Meraki soap and soft cotton washer all the way from Denmark, a beautiful wooden soap dish and a never leave home without it pumice stone to get those hard worked feet all soft and smooth!      

                         A special gift set filled with Meraki bath and body products

So there you have it. Try and find one mum who won’t name you their Favourite Child of the Year if you rock up with a gift that you’ve actually put some thought into. Now you can hunt around and find all of these gorgeous things yourself, maybe pay for a car park, and then get some beautiful wrapping paper and a special card and make it look pretty OR...we'd be delighted to help you!

Until next time

T x

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