Gift ideas for Groomsmen

by Tracy | June 21, 2017
Gift ideas for Groomsmen

Okay, there's no time for false modesty here, the simple fact is that we're great at coming up with gift ideas! I could spend three paragraphs to get to that same result, but you're busy, I'm busy, and we both just want me to get on with it.

If you're in the market for stylish groomsmen gifts (ie gifts that are non-daggy, non cringeworthy and non-bogan), and you don't want to have the word "GROOMSMEN" engraved, etched, written, typed or scrawled all over your groomsmen's gifts, then you've hit the jackpot. If you do want to give that type of gift, then perhaps this blog isn't for you...sorry (#awkward).

It's not actually that hard to find a gift that is befitting one of your best mates. It just requires a bit of thought and reflection (or access to a fantastic blog where they serve the ideas up to you on a platter). Probably shouldn't say that as every man/woman and his/her dog will be opening up a gift box company now, but the fact remains, it's not rocket science. Also, you don't have to spend a lot of money - you can, but you don't have to.

I'm going to cover 2 areas; firstly stand alone gifts, that is, single, swoonworthy gifts that he'll love and will thank you for for years to come. Secondly, bundles of gifts that he can enjoy now and remember fondly.


                  Great gift ideas for your best man

1. Monogrammed leather card holder. These are super convenient on a night out because there's no need to take a cumbersome wallet. Just pop a credit card or savings card into the sleeve and you're set. The monogram is a nice touch and elevates it into the 'special' gift category. This one is from The Daily Edited, but you can grab them from various department stores for around $50-$70.

2. Cuff links. You'll be spolit for choice as there are so many different kinds of cufflinks to meet almost any budget. We like these initials, with perhaps one for the first name and one for the surname. I know it's not the sort of the thing you wear every day (weddings/Spring races/maybe a black tie event), but you'd be surprised when you will need them and it's nice to have a lovely pair that have meaning attached to them. We found these ones on Amazon, but similar styles can be found in Australia for around $20-$30 per cufflink, but keep an eye out as there are often 2 for 1 offers.

3. Leather Travel Bag. This is a truly outstanding gift and if cared for properly, will last a lifetime. I like to refer to gifts like this as 'investment' pieces (that's how I refer to my expensive shoes anyway). Brands such as Country Road, Sportscraft, BOSS etc have at least one style of bag similar to this each season. They usually start at around $500. It will last a lifetime though, so he can take his slippers in it to the nursing home.

4. 'Dapper' Toiletry Bag. Every man needs a stylish toiletry/wash bag. You can keep buying cheap ones but they're just going to have to be replaced every year or so, so what's the point (just like shoes!). You can grab a gorgeous canvas one like this Izola one for around $60-$65, or if there's room in the budget you can get an all leather one from around $75 from department stores.

5. Beer glasses. Admittedly these particular beer glasses from Davis & Waddell are a little on the quirky side (priced from around $8 each), however, you can go up market with hand blown, lead free crystal beer glasses from deparment stores like David Jones for around $50 for a set of 4.

6. Leather wallet. A perfect gift because you know that everyone uses one and they don't tend to last a lifetime. You can get them embossed with initials or leave as is, once again, there's no shortgage of choices. This one is from Status Anxiety and retails for around $60.00. Department stores are your best bet because they have a lot to choose from in the one location, saving you precious time.

7. Agroove Wireless Speaker. This is the ultimate wireless speaker for the understated music lover. With playback time of up to 24 hours and 30 metre range, it will be perfect for listening to music outside on a summer's evening. This one is from Kreafunk and retails for $110.00. You can listen to some tunes and reflect on the good 'ol days.

8. Country Road Gym/Overnight Bag. The perfect gym or sports bag. He can throw his gear in it and head to the gym or beach straight after work. It comes in various colourways and is a great price at $69.95 from Country Road.  You can fill it with some beer, nuts, etc if you want to incorporate it into Buck's Day festivities. 


If you've got the time and inclination, and can find some fancy packaging, there's obviously no reason why you can't make up your own bundle of great things (not that I'm advocating that), to let your mate know that you appreciate him standing by your side on your big day.

The key items would more than likely be: alcohol, something to make him smell good, something to wear, and a little keepsake.

Here are a few examples that we have in our store right here:


             Help your groomsmen get ready on your big day


            Special gifts for men


          Groomsmen gift boxes delivered nationally from Adelaide

The message is that you kind of want to thank these men properly as they are your best mates and you've no doubt been through a lot together. You don't have to spend your entire pay packet, but you can be generous on this occasion as you celebrate one of the most imporant days of your life together.

Good luck and until next time



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