Five Swoonworthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

by Tracy | July 3, 2018
Five Swoonworthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Be prepared to have your taste buds tantalised, and your eye buds bulge, with these 5 non-alcoholic drinks that are as delicious as they are beautiful. 

1. Woodlane Botanical Beverage

With 3 mouth watering flavours, this sparkling beverage raises the bar for beautiful non-alcoholic drinks. With relaxing botanicals, bursts of natural flavour, and no added sugar, this little number will add a moment of luxe to your day, or create a sense of occasion.

The list of Australian ingredients and flavours is enough to whip your taste buds into a frenzy, and that’s before you see the packaging! With Blueberry & Native Finger Lime, Lemon Myrtle & Murray Rock Salt and my personal favourite, Pomegranate & Davidson Plum, you’re spoiled for choice.

They're available in 6 packs if you're heading out for the night, or cartons if you've got really, really big plans. A lovely drink to enjoy with friends, or sip alone, by the TV, with your pjs on.

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To get the low down on all things Woodlane, the link is right here

2. Antipodes Sparkling Water

You'll always find this in my fridge. It's my favourite sparkling water, and yes, I think you can tell the difference. Antipodes Sparkling water was recently judged the ‘World’s Best Water’, winning the gold medal at the 2018 International Water Tasting and Awards. It was up against nearly 100 brands from 5 continents, and came out on top for flavour and packaging.

Antipodes is exceptionally pure water, and only undergoes a simple microfiltration before bottling. There's no sterilisation, no additives, no industrial cleansing and no processing – just pure, natural, sparkling water, which is just the way I like it. It’s source is 327 metres beneath the earth’s surface in Whakatane, New Zealand, and its measured age at bottling is between 50 to 300 years!

So many conversation starters for you right there... I love to drink mine icy cold, with a dash of lemon in the summer, or I take it neat in winter.  I like the 500ml bottles if I'm drinking alone, but if there's a group of you, they also come in one litre bottles. I use the little bottles for vases afterwards – true story.

Artisan sparkling water

3. Madam Dry

You’ll be hard pressed to find any bottled beverage, alcoholic or not, that is looks prettier than Madam Dry Sparkling Rose Water. As difficult as it is, let’s put looks aside for now, and concentrate on flavour.

During the brewing process, spring water is filtered through rose quartz crystals to “invite in peace, compassion, positivity and clarity”. This sugar free, botanically infused beverage is then lightly carbonated to add a little fizz to your lips.  

You'll feel a little bit fancy during drinks with friends, perhaps a little romantic on date night, or maybe just relaxed and calm, when enjoying it from a beautiful glass while sitting in a comfy chair, contemplating all that is good in the world.  

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Read more about Madam Dry here

4. Belvoir Fruit Cordial 

For generations, country people have been making fruit cordials as a way of preserving summer fruits to enjoy over the winter months. This range of natural cordials from Belvoir, is made using the same traditional methods. With masses of pressed fresh fruits, cooked spices and even freshly-picked flowers, they're packed with flavour. And, you can feel good about yourself while sipping on these delicious drinks too, because there’s no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

There wide choice of flavours ensures there's something for everyone. My two favourites are Raspberry and Rose, and Elderflower and Rose. I add a splash of Belvoir cordial to sparkling water and drink it from a fancy glass, because I like to pretend I'm fancy.

Watch out for your alcohol loving friends though, because they'll probably steal it to add to their champagne/sparkling wine for some fancy alcoholic bubbles.

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5.  The Hills Cider Company - Virgin Apple Cider

From the beautiful Adelaide Hills, this non-alcoholic apple cider is made from 100% fresh, real, Australian grown fruit. So drink up, and feel good about yourself for supporting the Australian farmers.

It’s refreshing, slightly sweet, has a ‘crisp’ finish like a good cider should, and most importantly, it’s packed with luscious apple flavour.  Be like a girl guide/boy scout and always be prepared by keeping a cold Virgin Apple Cider in the fridge, you will not be disappointed.

Learn more about this wonderful Adelaide business here

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So there you have it, five stunning non-alcoholic beverages that make Dry July exciting, if that is at all possible?

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