Father's Day Gift Guide

by Tracy | August 18, 2017
Father's Day Gift Guide

1. 'But First Coffee' 

But first coffee

A great gift, particularly if your dad is not what is known in our house as a 'morning person', ie, he's as grumpy as anything in the morning until he's had a coffee! 

Now we're talking serious style here. It's our only gift option that comes in a handcrafted wooden box with sliding lid. The box itself makes a lovely little keepsake and can be used to store all sorts of things...car/boat/appliance manuals, electronic gadgets/chargers, stashes of chocolate for personal consumption only etc.

It contains coffee (whole beans or ground, you can pick), handmade chocolate biscuits, ceramic coffee cups and organic honey...yum-my! 

2. 'You had me at Gin' 

Gin and Tonic Gift Box

Previously known as the 'G+T' gift box but quickly renamed after I wrote this blog and loved 'you had me at Gin'!

This is one of our most popular gift boxes and with good reason. Award winning gin, a stunning copper jigger and the best tonic water on the market! Why people ruin good gin with crappy tonic water is beyond me...but don't get me started on my penchant for gin and tonic!

If he likes gin, then gift giving doesn't get any easier than this!

3. Dapper Dad

Gift Box for groom to get ready on the big day

Now, if I was to venture into my dad's bathroom (which I'm telling you right now is never going to happen), I predict that I would find some old, scrappy toiletry bag from the 1930's...eww! There's no reason or excuse for it and I just don't get it. I have far too many toiletry bags to count and I love them all. Some are for make up, some are for travel and some are just for being pretty and I can't bring myself to use them. Women get it, but not many of the men that I know do...so help your dad up his game by gifting a quality toilety/wash bag. 

Our Dapper gift box is pure style. The premium canvas 'Dapper' bag has a strong zip and water resistant lining. We've added some Happy Socks and a gorgeous little soap to spoil him that little bit extra.

4. Design your own

Now, if our pre-designed collections are not quite right for your dad, then have no fear because you can of course just build your own on our 'design your own page'. Our dyo page lets you pick and choose exactly what you want to include in your very own gift box, all with the click of a mouse. And, when you're using our dyo option, tiny images of the things you choose appear at the bottom of your device so you can keep track of what's in your box (so clever!).  

With hundreds of items to pick from there are literally millions of combinations of gifts (true story). I strained my memory back to Mr Payze and year 12 maths and 'permutations and combinations', but it was too hard so I just asked my son and he figured it out!

Our dyo option allows you to have the quirkiest combinations of items with zero judgement (I love quirky with no judgement!). No sideways glances from a shop assistant! So if your dad likes candles, soap, beer and soft toys, then he can have candles, soap, beer and soft toys. If he likes jam, nutella, notebooks and coffee, then he can have jam, nutella etc etc.

Given the aformentioned permutations and combinations, I'll just show you a few gifting highlights, but truly, the best thing to do is to head on over to the dyo page and see for yourself here.

Custom cocktail gift box

Happy socks gift box for men

Unique gift hampers for men

I hope that makes Father's Day easy and less stressful and most importantly, gives you an opportunity to show the big guy how much he means to you.

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