Client Gifts... to logo or not to logo, that is the question!

by Tracy | October 28, 2021
Client Gifts... to logo or not to logo, that is the question!

This article contains spoilers. Here’s the first one, the answer is no'.

For me, the use of a logo on a client gift is a hard no. Okay, maybe not ‘hard’ but certainly a pretty firm no. There’s absolutely a time and place to use your logo (eg company celebration gifts or special events or especially gift packaging), but my general view is that as soon as you put your logo on an item, it’s no longer a gift, it’s a marketing exercise. It’s about you, not your client…and any attempt to win them over with a thoughtful gift has been dashed. The game is up. You’ve done your dough.

What about you? Do you print your logo on anything that's not tied down? If so, is it a fun quirky gimmick that client's see and appreciate as just that? Or, did your client just spend an unspeakable amount of money with you... and you thanked them with a corporate gift that was, let's say a notebook... with your logo on it. Or a cap... with your logo on it... or an umbrella, or a set of car mats etc.

                 Bad client gifts

I just don't think it makes good business sense. Need some convincing? Ask around. Ask your friends. Ask your colleagues. Ask yourself. How do I feel when I receive a 'client gift’ from someone with their name on it? If their name is Mercedes-Benz, and the corporate gift is car, then you’re probably okay with it. But honestly, no-one, apart from you mum, want’s to receive a gift with your logo on it… not a cap, not a chopping board and certainly not tea-towel (I got one once, from a legal firm, with their logo embroidered on it... #true story!!)

No-one gets that logo emblazoned grazing board out when they have friends over and says “Oh look at this beautiful board. I love it so much. When we finish the cheese, you’ll see my accountant’s logo all over it. You should use them. They’re great”.

Here’s one we prepared earlier:

   Branded corporate gifts

CGU had recently launched a new motor vehicle product in the 'work-from- era', and they wanted corporate gifts to thank their clients for supporting them.

Their logo was used on the lid of the gift box for impact. It's the only place it appeared. The purpose of this client gift was to genuinely thank clients with a beautiful gift, and make working from home more comfortable, with elevated versions of everyday items like tea, biscuits, cups and ever present hand wash.

Rather than plaster the company logo all over the cups or the hand wash (eek), we subtly combined the logo and the clients new product (motor vehicle insurance software) with a custom made 'car' biscuit in a shade of green to match the company logo.

So, you can incoporate your logo on a practical client or staff gift, it just takes a little thought and a few clever ideas. Sing out if we can help... we love thinking outside the square when it comes to corporate gifts.