Beautiful Baby Gift Boxes

by Tracy | March 24, 2017
Beautiful Baby Gift Boxes

First things first:

1. Baby Gift Boxes 

Since launching towards the end of last year, it seems that our 'design your own' gift box option is hitting the sweet spot for those in the market for baby gifts. What sets us apart from the pack, is that with our 'design your own' option, you tailor the gift to match your style and budget. So, you can spend a smaller amount on a lovely gesture (for someone you don't know that well) or a whole bunch of cashola on someone that is very close to you. You know you really shouldn't be holding back when it comes to a new baby or new parents...

If you follow us on Facebook you've probably seen photos of real gift boxes designed by real customers (ooh, that sounded a touch 'Judge Judy' didn't it?). We've included some photos below so you can see for yourself the gorgeous gifts that are being created every day!

Here's what we've come to learn: 

  • Baby Shower Gifts: generally customers choose 3-4 items and the average cost is around $55.00.
    • Where the sex of the baby is not known, customers have been playing safe with unisex options including embroidered duck singlets, monochrome bibs, and gorgeous muslin cloths
    • Shower gifts for baby girls include pink singlets, pink shoes and pink rattles. You can probably guess what baby boy shower gifts have included...a lot of blue stuff!
    • If the gift giver happens to be a grandparent, then the gift goes to the next level and everyone's a winner! Gorgeous baby blankets, bibs, skincare, and usually something lovely for the mum to be.
  • Gifts from friends: Friends have been putting in the hard yards, designing their own baby gifts with around 4-5 items, and spending around $100.00
    • Mini rattles are very popular to add a bit of fun and colour
    • Leather baby shoes are practical and stylish (and who doesn't love shoes!)
    • Organic cotton swaddles are gorgeous and practical too so they have also been popular
    • Mini baby skin care sets: our Bondi Wash sets are well priced, come in sets of 3, and are perfect for a nappy bag or travelling

We make sure all our gifts are all wrapped beautifully, but here are a couple of our favourites (inside the colourful wrapped paper are cute pairs of all leather shoes):

A beautiful design your own hamper for a baby girl

Darling design your own gift hampers for babies

  • Gifts from family: Gifts chosen by many family members can fit equally into this category or the one above, but for now, let's focus on the big guns...grandparents! While we have had gift boxes with 10 or so items valued at around $350.00, for the most part, family members have been selecting 7-8 items and spend $150-$200.00. Gifts have included:
    • Baby blankets: perhaps it's the 'keepsake' like quality of our knitted cotton blankets that makes them so appealing to grandparents and close friends
    • Stuffed toys: larger soft toys like our Mama Doll, Elephant or Theo the Mouse 
    • Champagne: we're going to go out on a limb and say the alcohol is for the parents. Along with gifts for the new baby, Moet is regularly included in gifts from grandparents (maybe it's for when they visit?)

 Create the perfect unisex gift hamper

Design a unique baby gift on line

Gorgeous baby hamper with something for mum

2. My gripe and whether we need a Fight Club?

Now for the controversial part of this Blog, the bit that might put a few noses out of joint, hence my woeful reference to Fight Club. But what's the first rule of Fight Club? ..." You do not talk about Fight Club"). Well, it's a bit late for that...

Okay, as usual I've built this up and it's now waaaayyy out of proportion. All it is, is that I have taken umbrage to a little bit of terminology. You see, I'm not sure about the word "hamper". Now some of you will say, "so what?" or "who cares?", but for me, the word "hamper" has caused a tiny bit of heartache and self doubt. In the past, some of my friends put their polite 'game face' on when I explained my plans for starting a 'gift box' business. "Oh, you mean hampers?" they'd say with perplexed looks on their faces. I think they envisioned old woven baskets, masses of cellophane and twirly ribbon from the 80's. But, they couldn't be further from the truth.

But here's the thing, if that's your thing, then go for it, but traditional, old fashioned 'hampers' are just not my thing. We've invested a lot of time and energy developing a fresh, contemporary brand, with gorgeous gift boxes, lovely tissue paper, letterpress cards and soft cotton ribbon. We're all about beautiful gifts, that just happen to be in the most beautiful gift boxes! So hopefully no Fight Club required?

Until next time

T x 

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