We're reinventing gift giving. We're making it easy to send personal and thoughtful gifts, wrapped beautifully, with a hand written note, to your best friend, boyfriend, boss, client, mum or workmate. We've steered clear of run-of-the-mill, and concentrated on hard-to-find gifts that people will love to receive.


    If decision making isn't your strength, we've  pre-designed  a collection of beautiful gift boxes for birthdays, weddings, new babies and bridesmaids, making it easy for you to just click and send OR, and here's where we're a bit different to most, you can create your very own gift box with a few clicks of a button. You get to choose exactly what's inside with our unique ' design your own' gift box option. It's quick, it's fun and it's just a little a bit addictive. 


    And don't worry, we're obsessed with details, so you can be confident that we'll take care of everything and send a beautifully wrapped gift box that will make you feel good and make the recipient feel even better. We look forward to helping you with your gifts, making your life easier, and delivering gorgeous gift boxes to your nearest and dearest.


Founder and Director - About me

I live in beautiful Adelaide with my partner and 2 children, one of whom is desperate for a dog, labrador if possible, and yellow. Here are 5 other things that you might like to know about me:


I start each and every day with an iced coffee - no exceptions, summer through winter. I prefer someone else to make it (don't we all), but I'm pretty good at it these days. I like it strong with heaps of ice, you can never have too much ice!


I am a perfectionist and obsessed with details. This can be annoying for some (myself included), but I actually don't mind it when it comes to work because it's means that my mind can rest, knowing that I couldn't have done more.


After working in commerce for many years, I went back to uni and completed a law degree, which I loved. It still surprises me how much I use the knowledge I learnt at Law School in everyday life. 


I bake a mean carrot cake but I'm in a dilemma over the whole raw egg/lick the bowl thing. It's never been a problem for me and I think it's one of life's simple pleasures, so I'm sticking with it for now. 


I hate flying! No really, I hate flying. I have been known to hold my husband's hand so tightly during take-off that I've left deep impressions in his hand - but he loves me, so he puts up with it and I'm ever so grateful.